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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Full Day Prison Island tour
Stone Town at Dusk tour

Tour Type - Excursions, Destination - Zanzibar

Tour Summary

As a rainbow of colours bounce off the Indian Ocean whilst the sun sinks into the west, the city of Zanzibar comes alive with the call to prayer from the dozens of mosques.

3 Hours Stone town tour
As the sun sets and the city is called to prayer, walk through the old town and see the city from a different perspective. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the old town, visiting the historic buildings, places and shops in Zanzibar.

Spice Island Tour - 1 Day

Tour Type - Excursions, Destination - Zanzibar

Tour Summary

Zanzibar is synonymous with spices and the spice trade. A spice tour is a great way to explore the island and taste the various spices straight from the ground.

Full Day

Changuu Island is a historical island once used for the detention of recalcitrant salves. Today Giant Tortoises, some over 100 years old, act as unlikely vigilantes over the island. The Zanzibar beach is superb and the crystal clear sea excellent for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and diving. This trip is perfect to while away a complete day.

Zanzibar Tour

Tour Type - Excursions, Destination - Zanzibar

Tour Summary
Zanzibar is part of the East African country of Tanzania. It consists of the islands of Zanzibar, and Pemba, in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar is famous as the world's leading producer of cloves. These 2 islands, along with nearby Mafia Island are collectively called The Spice Islands.

Stone town tour

The best way of discovering Stone Town is to make a "City tour". A local guide will show you al the remarkable places in town like the House of Wonders, the house of the biggest slave trader "Tipu Tip", the Anglican Church of Christ and the Old Slave Market, the Central Market and of course the typical carved doors of Zanzibar. For a city trip you need at least 4 hours. Highly recommended!

Transport,Entry Fees,English Speaking Guide

Stone Town Tour

Tour Type - Excursions, Destination - Zanzibar

Tour Summary
This includes visits to the city market, the old Anglican Church located on the site of the old Slave Market and the National Museum.

Stone town by road

the three and half-hours tour starts at the House of Wonder (the first long building and had had Electricity in east Africa). We then proceed to the Sultan’s Palace which now is a museum then to the Old Indian Dispensary, Livingstone House and Market (opened 1904), Where local fruits and vegetables are sold. The Anglican Church, (1873).Which was built on the site of the old slave market), State House, and We pass Zanzibar Museum (1925) no longer used. On our way, we pass, the High- court of Zanzibar, Tip tipu House, the first British High Commission, Jamituri garden, and we end our tour the old fort building (1698 – 1701)

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